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Perfect Way to Export Emails from MBOX Mailbox to Outlook

This conversion procedure ensures smooth entry to their emails within the comfortable Outlook setting. Export Emails from MBOX Mailbox to Outlook for users switching from e-mail packages like Thunderbird or Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook. Although there are many methods to do this, some are laborious and time-consuming, while others demand specialized knowledge.

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Manual Method to Export MBOX Mailbox to Outlook

  • In Outlook, move the cursor over the file. Choose the "Import/Export >>Open & Export" option.
  • In the Import/Export container that appears after, select the Export to a file and Next buttons.
  • Then choose the Outlook information document and click the Next button.
  • Go to the folder containing the MBOX files. Press Next to continue.
  • Choose the area where you need to shop for the PST file after finishing those processes. After that, click the Finish button.

A Professional Way to Export MBOX Mailbox to Outlook

A specialized file called TrustVare MBOX Converter was created to make the process of converting MBOX files to PST format easier. By comparing this user-friendly tool to manual approaches, you can achieve a straightforward and efficient solution.

Follow the steps

  • Start the software on your Windows computer when it has been installed.
  • Select "File Mode" or "Folder Mode" and then select the Browse tab.

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  • browse Mbox file
  • Preview the uploaded data in its file window for a quick glance.
  • mbox converter

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  • Choose "Conversion to MBOX" followed by β€œConvert to multiple PST or single PST.”
  • After choosing the output location, select the "Convert Now" option.

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Advantages of Export MBOX Mailbox to Outlook

  • Quick and powerful conversion - To save you time and effort, the software MBOX Converter methods large MBOX documents hastily by using state-of-the-art algorithms.
  • Reliable and reliable - The tool continues e-mail shape, attachments, and data whilst ensuring the integrity of your facts at some stage in the conversion.
  • User-pleasant interface - Users of numerous ability ranges can additionally utilize the person-friendly interface, which requires little technical knowledge.
  • Advanced functions - To enhance the converting system, Tool MBOX Converter gives many talents, along with batch conversion, date variety filtering, and email seeking.
  • Protection and dependability - With encryption settings, the tool emphasizes data protection and guarantees the integrity of your e-mail correspondence.


This tool is helpful for both technical and non-technical people to convert MBOX files to PST. I recommend you try Trustvare MBOX Mailbox to PST Converter, which provides a useful and effective solution by simplifying the converting process with its robust features, intuitive UI, and assured security. With the aid of this utility, users can quickly convert MBOX files and take advantage of smooth email access within the comfortable Microsoft Outlook environment.

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