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Feature questions

I run a popular subreddit (500k unique monthlies) that we're outgrowing. I'm looking for a forum or community framework that does a few specific things.

I've looked through the docs but don't see much on these points:

  1. Are custom OAuth providers possible? I'd like to use Reddit OAuth2. The forum software Discourse has a problem with this because Reddit doesn't supply an email address. Flarum has a Reddit extension. Nodebb said it was possible.

  2. Are there such a thing as post templates? This would probably work like custom form fields that show up when a certain tag is selected. I see "submission templates" but these look freeform and the UI is unclear.

  3. Child tags once a tag is selected, is it possible to have subtags / child concepts that are revealed?

  4. User journal is there any such thing as a space where a single user can make updates on a subject? Let's say it's a DIY project, and they want to update status of the project (by tag) and new images. There could be an aggregation of these posts somewhere in the site that selected by status. ("complete" for example)

My impression is that this is more like a federated Facebook-lite, is that intention?


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