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Moderation of Tags

Hi all. I reached out to Ben on Dev about the SOP for reporting tag violations and he asked me to post here.

It's kind of a weird topic because on one hand it seems borderline childish to be "taddling" to a mod but on the other, the ability to view articles filtered by tags is awesome and it frustrates me when off topic articles come up. Of course, it's also super helpful for an author to use the right tags because it gets them the right audience.

Anyway, back to what Ben asked me to post. I reached about the best way to go about letting a tag mod know about a tag "violation". Ultimately there's no "official" policy and he thought a discussion on this topic would be a good idea.

My thoughts are the best way would be to have a "report tag" option, similarly to how you can report an article for abuse. This flag would alert the mods of that tag and they could review. Of course what mods do after that is also a point of discussion. I'm not entirely sure that giving mods the power to just remove a tag from an article is a good idea but maybe it's fine. Just reaching out and asking someone to change a tag might not be effective. Maybe there should be a combo of both, like steps to resolve?

Additionally, there's the topic of how to use tags. In my mind, an article is tagged by the topics it covers. If I write an article about using service workers in VueJS but I tag it with #rails thats not accurate for the article. However, some have stated that it's a fine tag to use since my account covers rails topics, even though this article does not. I disagree with that approach but you all are smarter than I so I leave it up to you.

I'm happy to supply links to articles in Dev I felt were mis-tagged, along with my comment to the author (and their or others reactions) if that would help.

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