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Forem chat is not mobile friendly!

Hello all,
While I'm chatting with someone here in, I noticed that I couldnt read the chats in my phone, It jastt appears only when I use the desktop version through the browser.

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Hey @drahmedali , thanks for raising this concern.

Since I'm able to use Forem Connect on my mobile device, this would appear to be a bug specific to your set up. Please file a bug report via our GitHub repo so the engineering team can take a look at it.

Tips for bug reports: please fill out the full template with the steps you took to experience the problem compared to what you would have expected to happen by following those same steps. Confirming your device, operating system, and browser can sometimes be crucial to us identifying the issue. Likewise, screenshots are really helpful and can provide vital clues. Thank you!