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Open resources: Asking for Help and Reporting Abuse

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For new Forem community members, the Forem space may be a brand new experience. As more communities migrate away from platforms like Facebook, to having their own Forems, members are having to learn new tooling, functionality, and ways of expressing themselves.

The #openresources archive is a compendium of content for Forem creators to add to their burgeoning communities, in the form of posts or pages, or other creative solutions. Today we're sharing some basic "How to ask for help" and "How to report abuse" copy with you:

How to ask for help in Your Forem Name community

It's our fullest intention that this online community space is safe and welcoming for all. If you have any questions about how to use it, or want to report behaviour that is causing you concern or distress, please email us at

The markdown for this page is available in our Open Resources repo here

How to report inappropriate content in Your Forem Name community

If you have any reason to believe that a user is abusing their posting or commenting privileges to share inappropriate content, whether that is content that violates the community Code of Conduct or Terms of Use, we encourage you to report this for consideration by our Admin team.

Whilst you can use the universal Reporting Form to report any URL, we also have some shortcuts to make it easier for you to report content on the fly:

  • From the Reactions Sidebar on any post, you'll see a More button ... below the Heart 💜, Unicorn 🦄, and Save to Reading List 🔖 buttons. Inside this menu, you'll find the Report Abuse button that will take you straight to the Reporting Form with the Post URL pre-filled:

Report Abuse button from Reactions menu

  • Another shortcut is available at the bottom of every Post Discussion:

Report Abuse button below Discussion

  • Meanwhile, if you'd like to report an inappropriate comment, you can do so from the same More button ... in the top-right corner of any Comment:

Report Abuse button on Comment

If you're logged into your account, your username will be attached to the report in case an Admin has any questions to ask you. If you're not logged in, your report will be anonymous. If you'd like to make your report anonymously, remember to log out before opening the Report Form.

What happens when you Report content?

If you were logged in, you will receive an email acknowledging you've reported content.

Reports appear in the Admin Portal for moderation. Admins can review reports and take any action that they find appropriate in line with the community Code of Conduct and/or Terms of Use. If you submitted a report and feel like timely action hasn't been taken, or disagree with the outcome of the review, please email us at


We hope this information helps you feel safer whilst participating in this community, and empowered to take action at any time.

If you'd ever like to request changes to the feedback procedure, the Forem team would love to hear from you. They invite you to request changes or report bugs here.

The markdown for this page is available in our Open Resources repo here

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