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Discussion on: What internationalization features should we support?

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Jean-Christophe Helary

I have no idea what are the issues behind caching and SEO.

So, the first "feature" I'd like to see is abstraction of all user facing strings and connecting that to an online system that provides the UI translators need to do a proper translation. I'm not sure what Rails uses/requires but you probably have a gettext centered process that does all the extraction from the source files.

Once the strings are extracted, they are fed to hungry volunteer translators on online systems.

A typical exemple from the i18n/l10n world is Weblate (among others) where for ex po4a is handled:
(weblate also hosts the LibreOffice localization)

The underlying architecture is probably handled by Rails, but since some mention locale names down in the thread I think it would be nice not to tinker too much with what Rails offers, all while trying to follow the W3C recommendations. Rails has been around long enough that they're probably not doing anything weird there.