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Taking the editor to the next level

Hello! It's been a while I posted something on Forem => I've been working on a project called t2d, using which new users can install, uninstall, update and even maintain the backend of the Forem with few clicks. You can find more about it at the end.

Feature Request

The editor provided by Forem is fantastic, but it is not well suited for daily, not technical bloggers(This is my opinion); also, there is a reason for such a bold statement.

Think of the newly emerging blogging platforms like Ghost and static website generators like Contentful; even the old editor-friendly Wordpress. All of these platforms have something in common => They all provide a more intuitive way of writing and publishing content without the need to learn syntax(MDX).

In fact, most of the non-technical bloggers prefer (Ctrl + B) over (** **) to bold their sentences.

Advanced Markdown Editor

Check out this new feature provided by devdojo, I'm not sure whether it is an Open Source project or not, but as a paid member, I can have access to it soon. Also, I will share my experience with that advanced markdown editor once I got hold of it.

A quick shout out.

Maybe in a few weeks, I will release a WebApp(t2d) for users to install Forem with few button clicks.

The current state of the t2d was a Woking web app with barebones, I'm not an advanced front end developer, and I'm open to adding new members.

t2d Webapp is using ChakraUI, ReactJS, NodeJS and t2d(bash-script based cli for making the Webapp easier)

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