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Discussion on: Email sending is not working

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Akhil Naidu • Edited on

Hey, it's nice that you have a working instance, and I would like to know more about the way you configured your Forem.

It would be better for you to use the default user than creating an account for your self. The default credentials are as follows:
Email: admin@forem.local
Password: password

After using these credentials, you will be logged in as an admin with the superuser's role. Now you can access your /admin/config section to further configuration.

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Álvaro Hurtado Mochón Author • Edited on

My laptop is a bit old, so I preferred to use the most services I can on the cloud. I tried using Redis, Postgres, and ElasticSearch on Heroku. That didn't work.

Apparently, the ElasticSearch instances in AWS do not allow certain operations which Forem is using. At the end, I am using ElasticSearch in a docker image, Redis and Postgres in Heroku and running Forem on my local.

Problems I had during the configuration:

  • I had to comment this line system! 'RAILS_ENV="test" bin/rails search:setup' . Why is it needed? Why do I need to setup with 'test'?
  • Some problems with versions incompatibilities (ruby, javascript, node, etc). That was fixed after a bit of back and forth.
  • Fixing now the issue with the SENDGRID_API_KEY . It is not mentioned in many places. Probably it should be part of .env_sample so that people see find it easily.
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Daniel Uber

Hi Álvaro,

Thanks for the suggestion about adding this variable to the sample environment keys. I've just updated the Forem repo to include that. One reason this was never included before maybe that the .env_sample file was targeted to local development environments (where outbound mail is not sent), and the production environment variables are provided by another mechanism than the .env file. Sendgrid is a service we only use in production, and so no developers ever needed it locally before.

We probably could add more to the documentation around this. There's a very brief mention of Sendgrid as a service for email in , but nothing about providing the api key, hopefully the example file helps in the future.

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Benjamin Bilgehan


i am able to access here but when i type
404 comes