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Alex Patterson
Alex Patterson

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Help: Docker Install Login

I successfully had the app started by running bin/container-setup but I received a message that things were not configured correctly.

I assumed this was GitHub API keys so I stopped the app and loaded the keys and then ran docker-compose up. The app came up and when I went to login via Github
Alt Text

I receive this message when clicking continue.

Alt Text

I am also reading through to try and understand how to setup the admin config as well. But I don't know rails at all, so I am not sure how to use rails console within the container.

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Ben Halpern

Hmmmm It's definitely the 422 on the PATCH that is causing the problem.

The other console errors are related to not having pusher set up locally, which shouldn't matter.

So I'd say we'd need to investigate why the 422 was being thrown.