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Discussion on: What is your favorite way to reward your community members?

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Thomas Bnt

I had already seen some discontent about this a few weeks ago but I didn't think it would have been followed up.

Personally, I prefer to have rewards manually, because automatically it gives a feeling that the task is not so important and that it's just a bot that gives you the prize.

After that, I doubt that doing it manually every day is an easy task. It would depend on which category. Indeed, if it's streaks, it's encouraging to produce more posts, but is it really good articles or only content published to get the next badges?

You see as I do the concern for automatism.

Encouraging, but can be a way to spam.

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I think the community does need to set some rules and explicitly state that low quality content may not be counted and badge rewards can be revoked if a user is found to be gaming the system by making spam posts just to get badges. But this can be subjective because the line can get blurry between what is and isnt low quality/spam content.

With that being said I think there should be a balance between automatic + manually rewarded badges. As an admin, I would carefully think about how someone can game the system and do stuff that discourages those actions.

I guess we should ask, what are some really good reward systems within websites/apps/platforms? In particular im interested in finding out which systems do automatic rewards that users really enjoy. Im personally not overly excited about Reddit karma or their new Community Points. On Discord it seems like rewarding users with unique roles is a popular way to incentivize members.

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Ella (she/her/elle) Author

Im personally not overly excited about Reddit karma or their new Community Points.

Lol, same! Even so, it appears that enough people are that they write posts for it. I guess every system appeals to somebody? It's just a question of who your community's "somebody" is (or who you want them to be πŸ˜‰

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I've mostly been a lurker on Reddit, so maybe that's why i do not see much value in their karma system. Would be interesting to speak with someone who does enjoy their system.