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Thomas Bnt

Agreed with this affirmation.

Even I'm people who publish posts from time to time, I see them in my notifications but I don't click because the title doesn't make me want to.

However the idea of removing the following system is not a good thing to do. I made a post on this subject with inactive accounts from the other point of view. It's more about statistics, but let's just say it could potentially open up other conversations on this post.

Improving statistics and reducing ghosts #6608

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I've got a lot of followers, but when I post a new article, I get little interaction and few views. This is really too bad and I'm not the only one who might be frustrated...

Describe the solution you'd like

I would like two things :

  • A upgrade of Dashboard

    • Add a graph for statistics
    • Triage by weeks/months
    • Graph with colors for distinct news followers, unsubscribings and inactives accounts.
  • Implement a system for clear inactives followers :

    • It would be displayed in the graph with a distinct color to see that they were inactive lost accounts.

Describe alternatives you've considered

No alternatives for me, if you have a idea in concert with mine, share it ! 👋

Additional context

I did a post to get some stats. I didn't get much feedback, but I'm happy to read it.

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