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rhymes • Edited

Hi @codespresso , thanks for taking the time to write this. Unfortunately we don't have pagination headers or information in the response or the response headers at the moment.

I understand it's a bit tricky to build a paginator on top of this.

What I could think of is to do a simple paginator with a CURRENT_PAGE..NEXT type of navigation and then decide to render the NEXT only if CURRENT_PAGE+1 returns results.

It's not great but it should work...

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Lazar Stankovic Author

Thank you for your response @rhymes !

Sorry for my late answer, I was in the middle of moving to another city (remote work season is over). Of course, the idea is valid but not great, I could certainly make FE pagination while GETting all articles for a specific username that I could optimize to work fast.

This is just my suggestion and I have no doubts that in some future API releases we will have a perfect backend paginated response.

Thank you, again, for your answer and suggestion, and happy hacking!