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I think WordPress has already went through and figured out that concept pretty well. Couple years ago they've decided to let developers extend possibility of WordPress to be able to create Databases like that. They called it "Custom Post Types". So by default WordPress lets you create blog posts. You can categorize them, tag them and assign other types of meta data... "Custom Post Types" was meant to let you create another "thing" like blog post, for example "Movies" - it could have its own tags, categories and other taxonomies/meta data (year of release, director, actors, etc.).

Since it was very well built, as a developer, you could do anything you wanted with that Custom Post Type - create separate views for them, search through them, build landing pages, etc. etc.

I personally think it was one of the most important features that WordPress has ever built into their platform.

Tl;DR I think it's a great idea and if we think it through very well, it could be really successful addition to Forem. Luckily, WordPress has created a precedence for that kind of feature :).

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