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Discussion on: Mailchimp integration doing nothing

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Balkrishna Pandey Author • Edited on

Thats what I am doing, please take a look on screenshots, keys are masked, except for last 2 letters,

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Ella (she/her/elle)

This looks correct to me.

When you say

On website, I can see that new subscribers are signing up

I'm curious to understand how you can see that people are subscribing to your newsletter. will walk you through the new user onboarding process, where you can see that people can choose to opt-in to your newsletter (or not). Do you know for sure that people are opting in and not being added to Mailchimp?

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Balkrishna Pandey Author

I am using some test users to verify. This is what my notifications settings looks like at the moment, so this means, at least my users should be on mailchimp subscribers list I think, unless we have user role specific logic as well (superadmin vs normal user).