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Discussion on: Changelog: Version 1.0.4 now available for iOS mobile app

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Nguyễn Trung Kien

Can't login with facebook in app

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Fernando Author

Hi @ntkien2192 , the reason you can't use the "Log in with Facebook" is because Apple forces app developers to use Sign in with Apple (SIWA for short) if any other social authentication is enabled (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Forems that have SIWA enabled will display those options, like This MMA Life. We are forced to hide these options on Forems that don't have SIWA enabled, otherwise the app gets rejected.

We are working on a new authentication method that will hopefully simplify this process and also allow for users to have one account to authenticate on all Forems if they want to (completely optional). This new method will be compliant with Apple's guidelines.

In the mean time I can suggest you go to the login page of the Forem you had this problem and try "I forgot my password". You'll get an email with a link where you can configure a password and you'll be able to log in that same account with email and password. I'm sorry for this inconvenience.