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Nick Taylor • Edited on

What is your Forem? Can you share a link or is it still private?

I am currently working on a Forem to discuss all things Visual Studio Code. I've been running a Twitter handle, @vscodetips, for the past few years and decided to create a community for it.

The site is live, but I'm still configuring

If you self-host, did you have trouble setting up your Forem? Can you give advice to anyone else looking to self-host?

I deployed to Digital Ocean and followed the self-hosting instructions. I had some issues, but they were mainly me lol. Since I work at Forem, some stuff I ran into, I fixed in the selfhost repository.

What are you looking to achieve with Forem?

I really want this to be an amazing community about Visual Studio Code, my favourite editor. Where folks share extensions or themes they've created, tips, keyboard shortcuts etc. All the things!

What is not working with your current solution?

Currently I only use Twitter, which has been working well, but it restricts what you can do in the community.

What do you feel is missing from your Forem that would help engage your community?

I'll get back to you about that one. 😎

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Nick Taylor

And is officially live! Come by and say hi!