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Discussion on: What is your favorite way to reward your community members?

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Michael Tharrington

I think a lot of folks really appreciate recognition as a reward!

I know on DEV we have a various processes to give shoutouts to content creators. Two that come to mind are:

1) Our Top 7 posts & Newsletter Inclusion — Each week, we manually pick out 7 posts in our community that we think were particularly awesome and we create a post + newsletter to give these folks a shoutout. Just take a peek through #icymi to get a sense of these posts. A few things that we do with this post are we give an @mention to folks in the post and an extra @mention in the comments section. This way we can feel confident that they'll see it! We also amplify this same list in our weekly newsletter. Lastly, we give them a Top 7 badge and $50 credit to our shop!

2) Twitter shoutouts! — Take a look at our Twitter account, @thepracticaldev, and you'll notice that a lot of our tweets generally take on a uniform format. In particular, we give the post author an @mention whenever sharing their post on social. This is beneficial to the author — it boosts their signal + acts as an endorsement from us — but, it's also beneficial to DEV in that it hopefully helps grow our community by bringing more readers to the site.

The thing about these two tactics is that it rewards folks for doing something that they already wanted to do. We don't truly know their goals for posting, but we can generally assume that they likely want their post to be read. Giving them public recognition will hopefully point other readers to their post and help with that goal!