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Maarten Goddijn
Maarten Goddijn

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Broken images after updating

Dear fellow members,

In my Forem selfhost, which is made possible by @akhil 's t2d script, I keep getting a certain problem after having updated the Forem instance through the script: profile pictures and organization level avatar pictures have broken links after most (if not all...) updates that I run.

Image description

(Screenshot is from mobile, but problem is the same on all devices.)

After reuploading the images they work again, however in the main feed organization avatars remain broken image links.

Is there someone here who knows this problem and/or has any ideas on how to fix it? Didn't seem to find any earlier threads on the matter.

Thanks in advance for your time and attention.

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Akhil Naidu • Edited on

Possible cases

  1. You haven't configured your s3 bucket properly
  2. If you are using Cloudinary for image resizing, it is better to stick with Cloudinary storage too.

Reason For this Issue

t2d script is powered by dokku, which essential means that there is no persistent data between any two builds. To keep it even simple, on each and every build, which even includes Forem updates, dokku recreates everything deleting the previous content(In which your image files are stored too). Dokku works similar to Heroku, there will not be any persistent data.


This issue can be resolved by using cloud based image storing or configuring your own persistent storage folder.

As Forem provides out of the box support for cloud based image store, it is always suggest to use cloud storage, like s3 or Cloudinary.

If you want to follow t2d script without any errors, I would highly suggest you go through the entire post throughly and especilally the post instalation part. Even in the post itself, rather than talking about installation, I started with post installation instructions.

Out of context

I'm surprised to see that the your Forem title, School of Raja Yoga, which has its orgin from my mother tounge(Telugu) or Sanskrit. Also, it's meaning has deep roots from the Hindu texts of Bhagvat Gita and quite surprised to view it as a Forem title.

Anyways, I hope the above suggestion would resolve your issues. If you prefer to directly contact me, here is a my slack channel invitation.

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Maarten Goddijn Author

Hi Akhil,

Thank you for your remarks, will look into them soon.

For now I would like to just respond to your comment about the name of my website. The connection you make with Sanskrit and Bhagavad Gita is right. I have had a profound training in the practice of Yoga as a means towards Self Realization. Soon I will start sharing my knowledge and experience via online classes (in English and perhaps also in my mother tongue Dutch). My forem community will be used as a student's environment supporting these classes. In the west, more and more people seek to grow spiritually. In many cases, like in mine, much wisdom for this development comes from Buddhist and/or Hindu sources.

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Akhil Naidu

I'm glad that Forem was able to help a diverse set of communities, including the communities that strive towards the path of salvation and spiritual enlightenment.

Shumbham Bhavatu

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Maarten Goddijn Author

Thanks, same to you!