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Discussion on: [Request] RTL Support

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Nabil Tharwat Author • Edited on

I'm completely willing and open to contributing/working on this feature. The way I see it is that Forem could start with just posts RTL support, so the layout and the website language remains in English, but posts written in RTL languages would display properly. Been hoping for it for quite some time now.

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Michael Tharrington

I really appreciate you offering to help here, but unfortunately we don’t have this work scoped for contributors to pick up and have no immediate plans to focus on i18n. While we're considering adding i18n features like RTL in the future, our current focus is on opening up FOSS installations for Forem. Once we’ve done this, we can reassess what features we’re able to offer next!

I really do think this would be a very valuable addition and when the time comes to figure out what we can do next, I’ll be happy to advocate for RTL support + other improvement to i18n features.