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Discussion on: cannot edit a comment without refresh

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Jamie Gaskins

@charliebbs You have a typo in foremctl deploy in there. Is that how you typed it into the command line? If so, you may still be running the previous version.

I'm unable to reproduce this on my own selfhosted Forem instance running on the latest container image. You mention you're using Cloudflare, though, and I'm not, which makes me think this might be a caching issue with the CDN. Specifically, it could be caching pages with outdated CSRF tokens in them. If you point your DNS directly at your Forem instance, does the issue persist?

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nobody Author • Edited on

yes, I think Cloudflare is the issue. I deployed another development instance with docker-compose yesterday. Everything works fine if I connect to it directly with its ip address. However, if I use reverse proxy + Cloudflare to connect to it, the bug appears again. Just want to let everybody who reads here realize Forem is currently NOT compatible with Cloudflare.
Thank you Jamie.