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Ildi • Edited on

What is your Forem? Can you share a link or is it still private?

I am currently building out which is a community for passionate hip-hop fans. It's still early days, we have a few more things to set up, but you are welcome to join us!

If you self-host, did you have trouble setting up your Forem?

I am not self-hosting 1VIBE, it is a Forem Cloud setup. I do plan to experiment and learn how to deploy Forem communities on DigitalOcean.

What are you looking to achieve with Forem?

Using the awesome tools/features that Forem offers, I am hoping to provide a space that inspires collaboration and creative expression. The long term goal is for 1VIBE to become a popular destination for hip-hop culture, an alternative to

What is not working with your current solution?

Before moving to Forem, 1VIBE was a wordpress website. We functioned mainly as a content aggregator with additional orignal content produced by our team. Although the site did well in terms of attaining organic traffic via search engines like Google, it was missing the ability to have discussions and foster a community around the content itself.

How do you plan to use your Forem?

Forem will now be where/how we host everything we do with 1VIBE. I do have plans to build a stand alone mobile app strictly for music videos, an idea inspired by Neverthink + ForeignRap, but maybe there is a way to work this idea within Forem itself.

What are your current favorite Forem features?

Forem has many awesome features, but these are some of my favs: Forem Connect, podcasts, iOS app, browser exctension, ability to create post series, supported tags, tag submission templates + comment templates, badges, profile preview cards, create/join organizations, and the new analytics dashboard.

What do you feel is missing from your Forem that would help engage your community?

I think a feature rich editor will be very helpful for my community. Markdown can be intimidating for many, especially those who have never used it before.