Discussion on: Forem Following System

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Ildi • Edited

I wish Instagram would provide an option to change between algorithmic and chronologically ordered feed. The main reason I like Twitter more is because they still offer an option to set your feed to show the latest tweets from accounts you follow as they happen. I also think Twitter lists are really useful and a great solution for filtering/discovering/organizing platforms with many users that offer a following system.

I really love algorithms but I feel that every social platform that has a following system should offer a dedicated chronological feed of the content created by the users one follows. This might be just my own personal preference. Interested in hearing what others think.

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Christina Gorton Author

I agree. I like the idea of having a feed that showcases the people I follow but I also really like having the "chronological feeds". They help me discover new articles that I might be interested in.
I know CodePen recently updated the way they showcase people you follow because that was also a complaint they had a lot from users who didn't see the purpose of following.
They know have a "following" feed and a "trending" feed you can switch between.