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Discussion on: Can we use the same servers for different selfhosted Forems?

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Ella (she/her/elle)

Thanks for sharing some of your additional thoughts, Muhammed. I would say that there has been no additional progress made on i18n for Forem, so there is no change to the initial functionality for languages.

A few changes that have occurred on this subject are the ones that Dan made (like ensuring that podcast slugs are pulled correctly from non-Latin script titles). This means that you can write a post in any language you want and the post slug should accurately reflect the post title.

There is currently no way to provide the same post in multiple languages unless you create each post separately and interlink them manually, or write them both in one post with one below the other.

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Muhammed Cetin Author

Thank you so much @ellativity. Your answers always help me to understand Forem's basics. I understand that I need to create my own solution to do what I want. Thanks. 😊