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Discussion on: How to properly install a forum in two different languages?

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Ella (she/her/elle)

@ben would you mind me asking for a bit more clarity here for my own understanding?

In the case of having a language subdomain, would we expect there to be 2 separate Forems (as in the question above) or just separate paths with language files calling up the same data translated to either language?

I would guess that users would still want both language user groups to have access to the same content and member lists, just with a different language interface, so in that case would they be installing separate Forems that share a database or would they be installing separate language overlays?

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Ben Halpern

With the today version of different subdomains, it would be entirely different Forems.

The version of a single Forem making itself available in different languages also sort of works along the same lines. Right now any page on any Forem is available by prepending the path with locale/:locale. This is early stage, but ...

... links to this post but you can see french buttons.

Getting this right ultimately is about setting proper user expectations around what shows up in my home feed, etc. if I am on the french "version" of a multilingual site. It's cleaner when you go with entirely different sites on a language-by-language basis. Ultimately all the paths should work. None of them are entirely mature right now.