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Discussion on: Is it possible to delete/hide tags?

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Ella Ang (she/her/elle)

I like this suggestion, too, as that's also the result you get from a tag that doesn't exist at all, so it does effectively delete/delist the tag.

I think in addition, it would be nice for tags with 0 posts to be undiscoverable except by admins using the tag manager, so even if there aren't a lot of posts on a Forem the 0 posts tags don't appear in Top Tags or similar lists.

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Ben Halpern

Merged the 404 for 0 posts/unsupported tags. Will be live in Forem Cloud shortly.

Return 404 if empty and unsupported tag #14864

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Since tags get created whenever they are included in a post, the tag exists even with no published posts.

It has been determined that the expected behavior should be a 404 response. If the tag is supported than the expectation is that the admin wants it to show up, even with no posts. (Likely a no posts yet scenario.)

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Originally came out of this discussion:

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[Forem core team only] How will this change be communicated?

This should mostly just fill expected behavior.

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Ildi Author

Thanks for the update Ben!

I also really liked that suggestion above to only show supported tags in the /tags page. Would be nice to be able to focus on the important tags but maybe also have a search feature to quickly navigate to any other tag you might be interested in.