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Blank page after creating admin user on DigitalOcean

I've installed Forem latest on DigitalOcean using the instructions here:

I have encountered the dreaded blank page after creating the admin user as described here:

I can see from the Forem logs this is due to a origin header mismatch as below:

Sep 04 15:33:49 forem-rails[2333]: W, [2022-09-04T15:33:49.976150 #10]  WARN -- : [03fa6965-d49f-403a-a74d-5f323cc7286c] [dd.env=production dd.service=rails-production dd.trace_id=2356142424308383989 dd.span_id=0] HTTP Origin header ( didn't match request.base_url (
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This is also discussed in the GitHub issues here:

I don't see any way to fix this issue, I have tried overriding the APP_DOMAIN variable and restarting but without luck.

Hopefully someone can help.

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