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Discussion on: Introducing Forem Self-Host

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Christina Gorton

Hey @ce7in
I don’t want to assume your technical level so I am going to let you know what you can do and also give you a few reasons why you may not want to.

We have a helper script Forem Image called foremimg. It is used to control your Forem’s version and apply updates.

So you can technically add other functionalities to your Forem.
To do this you would first need to create your own new image, host it on GitHub, and then point to it with:

sudo foremimg yourimagepath
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You can see an example of this in the foremimg section of the selfhost docs.

While this is possible keep in mind you will need to keep up with Forem updates on your own as this will deviate your Forem Selfhost from the main Forem repo.

One suggestion, if the functionalities you are wanting to add could be useful to the whole community you could create a features post here on and we can communicate with the Product team to see if it is a feature we can add to Forem for everyone to use.

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Muhammed Cetin

You're amazing Christina 😊 Thanks a lot.

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Christina Gorton

Happy to help. Thanks for all the great questions.