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Discussion on: Can these features done with FOREM?

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Ben Halpern

As Michael said, there is a version of "yes" to most of these right now, and there is active development in going deeper in most of this.

We're working on enhanced role concepts which will lead to the creation of more private areas to complement the public tag areas, which can already all be moderated on an individual basis.

On the ad network front, the answer is that we will seek to enable no track ads. So ads on a Forem could be managed by a third party ad network, but not the right up to the cookie/fingerprint layer. I.e. by interacting with our display ad API, we will be able to enable third party ad networks, but they won't have the capacity to impact performance or insert tracking scripts.

We don't over-use the display ads on DEV, but the underlying principles of how they self-optimize are pretty powerful and will continue evolve, all with no tracking capabilities.

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@ben by having such a hard-and-fast stance on advertising, I think Forem is inadvertently restricting user growth, adoption, and the success of individual forem instances.

Why not let the individual forem creators decide which ad networks they want to use?

Advertising is used by literally every media site, and becomes even more important when you have solo-founders who need to generate revenues to pay for the costs of running their Forems.