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Discussion on: Verification Badges

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Ben Halpern

The one thing that specialty platforms like Forem are able to do is to show why someone is verified, which would be hard to scale on Twitter etc. So you could hover over the icon and get more info... E.g. on DEV we could have someone verified as a React core maintainer etc.

All in all, I think it relates to this issue, which needs to be revisited.

Forem Staff Flair #9620

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Ability to toggle on staff flair for the forem's operators. We currently have an 'author' flair as an example:

Describe the solution you'd like

  • Add an area for admins to toggle whether or not they'd like a staff flair to appear when they leave comments (either on a per post level and/or across the board)
  • Ability to customize the name of the flair (i.e. "staff" "team" "admin")
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skSpud Author

For example, hovering over the checkmark would reveal a label such as “Administrator” or “Brand”, etc.?