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re: I think the idea is more about making forem somewhat federated in regards to account management. ie there's forem.dev and dev.to and allowing a us...

Yup, I've definitely had this thought. Each Forem itself already kind of has that functionality. We never developed it generally (only used it for a few key cross-posting use-cases), but built it so it could be expanded that way.

In thinking through the near future, I eventually started thinking that the first order of business would be creating a central Forem auth system as a start because I think the total federation model can be really confusing for folks outside the tech bubble..... But as an option we build in after (or maybe in parallel) it could be a really really cool way for folks to manage their presence. The two concepts could also have some interplay. e.g. the forem.com auth system wouldn't allow two forems to speak to one another or know that this user is authed in both places because that knowledge is private, but in some cases it could make perfect sense to auth some communities together explicitely.

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