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Hey @ellactivity!

Indeed it's close, however there is no engagement and if the topic is more narrow, you cannot really feel the interest in a subject. Also there is no time component.

Just a simple example to think of,
Let's say I m good in JavaScript compatibility in browsers. I have been following the subject long time ago, and I'm willing to start a series about that, since I'm not sure what exactly will interest people, I will lunch an initial post asking for feedback, three people showed interest in "accessibility Api" and other four people in "ES6 support". I feel like mastering both, I decide to pick one myself, and even probably another developer asked for the second sub-topic to be assigned for him.
Probably there is so much engagement for a discussion forum. I am still not sure!

Actually I got the idea when someone last week asked : "whoever is interested in a code review, tell in comment section"
I then thought, where the guy will be doing the review? GitHub or here?, If here, will he use comment section or open for each one a new post. See this is also a good example of engagement leading to future topics under one initial topic.

I really think a lot and sometimes throw ideas anyhow. So it's just an idea, feel free to roast it! Or if it's in-feasible or hard to achieve.