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Discussion on: Are you planning on building a community with Forem?

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Adrian Resler • Edited on


So I was thinking about the community focused around the CrossFit.

Current pain point from my perspective is that the CrossFit is popular in North America but not so popular in the rest of the world. There are great portals like that provide great and smart content but they are not enough popular in my opinion in Europe, Asia or South America.

The longterm mission would be to provide a space focused around the CrossFit lifestyle. Where people could discuss and find useful content about mental health, fitness, CrossFit competitions around the world, information about local places where you can train CrossFit, local CrossFit competitions, how to do exercises properly, equipment reviews, tutorials and advices about how to become professional trainer, athlete, CrossFit gym owner or simply a healthier person.

I think that it's a good opportunity since CrossFit has a new CEO Eric Roza ( and CrossFit goes towards good direction which is about people, community and spreading the healthy life style.

Who will your community serve?

People familiar with crossfit but also people who wants to get familiar and people want to have a healthy lifestyle

Does it exist already, or are you starting something new?

I'm starting something new

What gets you excited about building with Forem?

It gets me exited that I could participate in the open source. I'm a software engineer and I'd love to help if there is a need or possibility

Do you have any specific feature requests?

Nope. I can try to implement somebody else's feature request